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Good legal services are provided when both of the parties leave the negotiation table with a feeling of victory, or at least with a feeling of satisfaction. Only then it is possible to meet at the negotiation table again.”

Ladislava Jasanská

The Prague law firm Jasanská & Co. have provided legal services and consultancy since 2005 with a focus on the following areas of law:
  • Media Law (copyright, trademarks, setting up rules for promotional contests, privacy protection)
  • Labour Law (employment contracts, HR directives, employee benefits)
  • Commercial Law (selection of suitable legal form, purchase or foundation of a company, commercial agreements and contracts)

We mainly represent international corporations and large and mid-size companies. We give our clients practical solutions, tailored to their particular situation. Apart from legal expertise, we offer reliability, a fair approach and an understanding of the client’s needs. Although the quality of our services is comparable to that of large international law firms, our hourly rates are approximately half.

Our work reflects our values
  • friendliness – we help you, not just give advice; we understand your problem and will help you resolve it
  • inteligence – we are inventive; we find optimal, often innovative solutions for you; who says that law is not crative? our advice is concise and to the point
  • helpfulness – we make everything convenient for you, we are always reachable and ready to help
  • honesty – we work as hard as we can, we play fait, we are responsible for you actions

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severance pay of 12 times the average earnings
Even if there is another reason stated in the agreement, the employee is entitled to 12 month severance pay if the real reason for terminating employment is the loss of work capacity due to a work accident or occupational desease.   More here...
they quoted us: tn.cz on the question of violating the rights of a person filmed by a hidden camerat
We responded to TV Nova\\\'s questions about the current case of Andes Babiš junior. Did the journalists break the law by filming him with a hidden camera? What rights do journalists have? And what kind of protection does Czech law grant to politicia   More here...
Change of address of our law office
We would like to inform you that our law office has moved to new address.   More here...
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